“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Inigo Montoya

This is the week when we found out that condom manufacturers starting putting FourSquare codes on their products. That leads those of us with enquiring minds to ask, “So … that make you the mayor of what exactly?”
I was ready to exhaust the possibilities until the rare night off interceded and we had the opportunity to stay home and go around the dial only to stop suddenlly and say, “ooooooo … FIRE! .. pretty…

OK so we came in somewhere in the middle of this movie so we had to look up what had happened. We found this on Jalopnik:

There is no way to really explain to racing fans what just happened at the Daytona 500, so to non-racing fans this is going to sound fucking crazy, but… a guy who hasn’t won a single race in 397 times might win after a car crashed into a truck FULL OF JET FUEL and exploded.
Yes, you read that right. A truck full of jet fuel on a race track. This is because NASCAR cars can’t race in the wet (which is why this race has been delayed for more than a day). So they have trucks full of jet fuel pulling a helicopter jet engine to dry the track.

With that I would like to officially put all the people who don’t “get” in the Interwebs on notice.
Please don’t ever say we denizens of the Net need to get out and experience life more often again. If you think we spend too much time alone and out of touch with reality then how is it some one comes up with an idea to strip the engine off of a helicopter, attach it to a 200 gallon container full of aviation fuel, and then turn it loose on a wet track full of cars going more than 100 mph?
That does exactly make one think that Danny Ray or Lil’ Bob or whoever came up with that one is coursing through the viens of society.
Are we all clear on that?