He’s makin’ a list & checkin’ it twice, Clarence Thomas is goin’ to town

“Twenty-five years ago, while in Tokyo directing an opera, the German filmmaker Werner Herzog turned down the offer of a private audience with the emperor of Japan. ‘It was a faux pas, so awful, so catastrophic that I wish to this day that the earth had swallowed me up,’ Herzog writes in the preface to his first novel, The Twilight World. Nonetheless, his hosts wondered whether he might like to meet some other Japanese celebrity. Without hesitation, he asked to visit Hiroo Onoda. Even if you don’t recognize the name, there’s a good chance that you are familiar with Onoda as a legend, a symbol—what we might nowadays call a meme. A lieutenant in the Imperial Army during World War II, stationed on the Philippine island of Lubang, he kept fighting long after the Allied victory, until he was finally relieved of his duties in 1974.” A.O. Scott

“When Elizabeth Anscombe gave her first lecture at the University of Oxford in 1948, on Protagoras’ doctrine of belief, the authorities worried that female students might be corrupted. Not by the thrust of her talk, but by her trousers. The clerk of schools wrote to her, insisting that she come to the university in a skirt.Every week he lay in wait, refusing to let her enter if she was improperly attired. Eventually a compromise was reached: they gave her a changing room containing a skirt (and a decanter of sherry as a bribe) and said she could arrive in trousers provided she appeared before students in the skirt. Anscombe agreed — and then wore both. Iris Murdoch, Dublin-born, later a famous novelist, won a scholarship to Badminton School (where she wept so copiously that a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Iris was formed), and another to Oxford, where she joined political campaigns and wrote a prizewinning essay on ‘If I were foreign secretary.'” John Walsh

“The wildest affairs happen at Fincadelica, a 300-year-old, 21-acre ‘magical, free-flowing concept estate inspired by nature and tranquility’ that Segev stumbled upon in 2019 and revived alongside the Israeli diamond dealer Mati Rachminov and businessman Shai Bencazir. The asking price is around $68,000 a week, a package that includes nine luxury suites, farm-to-table food, a soundproof cave club and a Lakota tepee complete with a resident shaman. ‘When it’s free, during low season,” Romano says, ‘they light up the cacti fields for parties, as well as fields of crystals. Then waiters serve San Pedro chocolate mousse on platters.’ The mousse is mixed with peyote, a cactus-based psychedelic.” Elena Clavarino

“Religious manias no longer feature in Norwegian life, unless you include the church burnings committed throughout the country by satanist death-metal cultists between 1992 and 1996. Poverty, which greatly factored into the (Norwegian) witch hunts (c.1500-1550) – not only in Norway but across Europe and colonial America as well; virtuallly no person of substantial wealth was ever burned as a witch – is likewise not a big Norwegian problem at the present time. Thanks to North Sea oil. Gary Hoisington

“P(reident Richard M. Nixon) was fascinated this morning to get a report on the Kennedy Center opening of the (Bernstein) Mass last night…he paused a minute, this was over the phone, and then said, ‘I just want to ask you one favor. If I’m assassinated I want you to have them play Dante’s Inferno and have Lawrence Welk produce it.'” H.R. Haldeman

“The liar, and only the liar, is invariably and universally despised, abandoned, and disowned: he has no domestick consolations, which he can oppose to the censure of mankind; he can retire to no fraternity, where his crimes may stand in the place of virtues; but is given up to the hisses of the multitude, without friend and without apologist. It is the peculiar condition of falsehood, to be equally detested by the good and bad: ‘The devils,’ says Sir Thomas Brown, ‘do not tell lies to one another’; for truth is necessary to all societies: nor can the society of hell subsist without it.” Dr. Johnson

Only landlords, bandits, revisionists, back sliders, and imperialist running lackey dogs go out in the noon day sun

You know, in light of everything that’s been going you’d think that it’s not a good time to be giddy.

Know what?

I’m so giddy I can barely contain myself.


Back in the 00’s during the time of peak Bloggitysphere I said that if America had anything like China’s Cultural Revolution it would come from the conservative movement.

Thank you Eric Greitens!

As the modern conservative’s role model once said, “By gar, the critter went and done it!”

Moving along – now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned let’s look at what did and did not happen.

– Per th’ Tweety angry women were going to take to the streets and burn down all the Catholic churches in their path. This didn’t happen and it would have been quite the undertaking given that we have as many locations as 7-11.

– The useless argument for court packing came up. It has never been a favorite of mine. If the guy Alaska Wolf Joe calls “President Joe Brandon” were to float the idea then half of America would go ballistic thinking he would appoint Cher, Sean Penn, Jane Fonda, and Hillary. But if that didn’t come to pass until Trump came back or was so far down the line that a Trumpist president were in office you could wind up with even more fire breathers on the bench. So go ahead – pack away, but you have no guarantee you won’t be worse off than when you started.

– For years I thought that once Roe was turned back to the states it would be the end of the GOP as it would take away their lynch-issue. Lately it’s become too obvious that when the make-believe issues run out of steam there’s always the old standbys. Even if a state bans abortion it doesn’t mean the local pols won’t claim that the libs are ready to swarm over the border and use George Soros’ money to put an abortion clinic in every WalMart. If that starts to fade then there’s always somebody coming for your guns.

Dance-with-the-one-who-brung-ya politics.

Old school, but effective.

– States are trying to stop the sale of Plan B pills and limit the ability to seek an abortion in another state or country. The subtext is to criminalize as all the options.

Hard to say how all these things will be enforced.

You could try to put a National Guardsman on every street corner.

– For years the average conservative used to have this trope where if someone he or she didn’t like said something they found icky then you – as a lib- had to believe that same thing too. Sorta like, “Well, Al Sharpton said (whatever) so that must be a central tenet of your belief system as well since you’re both left of center.” Now no matter what Greg Abbot or Ron Desantis might say they – as Republicans – have to believe it.

Or else.

– Speaking of Hanoi Jane – she has no influence on how all of this plays out. For that matter Hilary is probably in the same position, but that didn’t stop either of them from taking up a new careers as Internet trolls.

– And while you weren’t looking Clarence Thomas assumed his new role as Supreme Ayatollah.

Shit’s getting shoved into high gear right this very second. He’s gonna hit the ground running. With the possible exception of Loving v. Virginia, Clarence is ready to revisit every decision going all the way back to when John Jay first warmed up a seat on the bench. If there’s ever been a time when one single man could remake America this is it.


Because unlike the other 2/3rd of our government he doesn’t have to deal with those pesky voter people. He doesn’t have to worry about them showing up on election day or even doing what he wants them to do.

If successful America’s Khmomeni runs the risk of making any future Trumpist president little more than the head of a caretaker government.

So in summary – Roe v. Wade was overturned and no matter what happens next the consequences could cut both ways. Neither side’s rock-solid weltanschauung is likely to change. The 50 years leading up to RvW being overturned proves that ideas are sticky things.

No matter where those ideas come from.

For he to-day that takes algebra with me shall be my brother.

Time to clean off the desk.

In no particular order –

– The next post should arrive much more quickly as I’ve been through a crash course on the intersectionality of policing, homelessness, and petty theft which also touches on Chesa Boudin’s outster.

– The guy from high school took a flier on dropping by to catch up. It seems he was more than a bit put off by my email response. The note wasn’t rude or curt, but it did come off very, “Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line for the next available representative.”

It’s a gift.

– The third season of The Boys has the fanboys’ unders in such a tight knot that blood no longer flows to their lower extremities.


It went and done caught the politics.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years it’s pretty damn obvious that Homelander is Trump while The Deep and Cassandra are the stand-ins for Jared and Ivanka. Starlight is Liz Cheney and Noir is most likely Pence.

But is Paul Reiser supposed to be Roger Stone?

And I really should take back what I said about living under a rock. This season it would be easy to get distracted thanks to the extreme violence, gore, flashback to Nicaragua in the 80s, what used to be called “softcore” porn, and a special appearance by the Solid Gold dancers.

– Normally I would post something around Memorial Day to observe the anniversary of this page. Couldn’t do that this year as we were in Ohio and after we got back the news cycle kept moving too fast to get an adequate take on things. Despite being in Ohio for a very short time I learned that I could never live there as I do not own the requisite riding mower nor do I have enough tattoos.

After 22 years of doing something like this page on and off it’s more of a hobby than anything else. Sorta like having a 1969 Mustang fastback in the garage only without having to worry about the dang thing rusting thanks to the moist climate up here in the Damp North Woods.

Back at the start the total readership wasn’t even the size of a college radio station’s listenership. During the TypePad years it grew to the point where the audience could be described as paltry. After all that it’s shrunk once again to its original size. Sure, you can grow an audience with things like Medium, Substack, or one of the other hosted services, but you also have to consider what those will do to your dignity.

As Deniro says at the end of Casino, “But in the end, I wound up right back where I started. And why mess up a good thing? And that’s that.”


Sending this one out to Joe Altio.

Listen along while I think some more about flying the flag upside down on the 4th.