“You eat a lot of acid, Miller, back in the hippie days?”

“Tested whether or not occupants of a public territory use their temporary ownership to retaliate against intruders. Three studies showed that drivers leaving a public parking space are territorial even when such behavior is contrary to their goal of leaving. In Study 1 200 departing cars were observed. Intruded-upon drivers took longer to leave than nonintruded-upon drivers. In Study 2, an experiment involving 240 drivers in which level of intrusion and status of intruder were manipulated, drivers took longer to leave when another car was present and when the intruder honked. Males left significantly sooner when intruded upon by a higher rather than lower status car, whereas females’ departure times did not differ as a function of the status of the car. In Study 3, 100 individuals who had parked at a mall were asked about how they would react to intruders. Compared to what they believed other people would do, respondents said they would leave faster if the car were just waiting for them to leave, but they would take longer to leave if the driver in the car honked at them.” (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved) Barry Ruback and Daniel Juleng

“In Elysburg, Pennsylvania, there is a Vatican-trained exorcist and professed expert on spiritual warfare, who lectures and tweets about the “demonic” forces of our times. It might surprise you to learn what these latter-day Regan MacNeils bedeviling our safe suburban homes are: Black Lives Matter, Marxism, critical race theory, intersectionality, and wokeness. And this cleric is not the only exorcist very publicly conflating the Evil One with the left, real and imagined. Last fall, a Portland archbishop led a procession into a public park, where he conducted a Latin exorcism to dispel the evil spirits left by racial justice activists. The very same day, a San Francisco archbishop performed a similar rite at the site of a felled statue of Father Junipero Serra, an eighteenth-century Spanish friar whose missionaries forced Indigenous people to convert to Christianity, whipping and torturing many to death. Flanked by rosary-praying nuns, priests, and laity, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone asked God to “purify this place … purify the hearts of those who perpetrated this blasphemy.” He later called upon authorities to press felony and hate crime charges against the Native protesters who toppled the statue. Audrey Clare Farley

“There is a thick literature on how evidence of alien life would shake the world’s religions, but I think Brother Guy Consolmagno, director of the Vatican Observatory, is quite likely right when he suggests that many people would simply say, “of course.” The materialist worldview that positions humanity as an island of intelligence in a potentially empty cosmos — my worldview, in other words — is the aberration. Most people believe, and have always believed, that we share both the Earth and the cosmos with other beings — gods, spirits, angels, ghosts, ancestors. The norm throughout human history has been a crowded universe where other intelligences are interested in our comings and goings, and even shape them. The whole of human civilization is testament to the fact that we can believe we are not alone and still obsess over earthly concerns.” Ezra Klein

“For a good Fox News story you have to adopt the mentality of an Irish street cop. The world is a bad place. People are lazy morons. Minorities are criminals. Sex is sick, but interesting.” Jess Carr

“At eighty I believe I am a far more cheerful person than I was at twenty or thirty. I most definitely would not want to be a teenager again. Youth may be glorious, but it is also painful to endure… I was cursed or blessed with a prolonged adolescence; I arrived at some seeming maturity when I was past thirty. It was only in my forties that I really began to feel young. By then I was ready for it. (Picasso once said: “One starts to get young at the age of sixty, and then it’s too late.”) By this time I had lost many illusions, but fortunately not my enthusiasm, nor the joy of living, nor my unquenchable curiosity.” Henry Miller

“Thank you for your letter of 10th January. I would be useless at this debate primarily because I have been dead for 24 years now. Apart from that, I hate scientists and I hate artists. In fact, I hate everybody including you, do tell them that is why I’m not at the debate.” Spike Milligan

Puss Rock is what happens to rock & roll when you give it a bucket of ice cream, a few doses of teenage angst and make it watch the first three seasons of Friends Did you know, Train, poster children of puss rock, have more than one song? Me neither. Billy Sayer

“When the power of birth and station ceases, no hope remains but from the relevence of money. Power and wealth supply the place of each other. Power confers the ability of gratifying our desire without the consent of others. Wealth enables us to obtain the consent of others to our gratification. Power, simply considered, whatever it confers on one, must take from another. Wealth enables its owner to give to others, by taking only from himself. Power pleases the violent and proud: wealth delights the placid and the timorous. Youth therefore flies at power, and age grovels after riches.” Dr. Johnson

Chariots of the Clods

This was the week where mysteries arrived, but their conclusions left much to be desired. Early in the week a quandary arose when two pairs of pants coming from the same manufacturer,which were located in the same warehouse, had to come in two separate shipments, arriving on separate days from separate carriers, and eventually arriving in very different looking packages.

Security reasons?

Who knows?

Worse yet the highly anticipated government no-bullshit UFO report was released which concluded, ” Welllll maybe …maybe not… who’s to say?”

Like you, I would have loved to have been there to throw out the first, “Oh sure, that’s what they want you to believe!”

In all fairness the thoroughly …meh report was a big step up from blaming it all on swamp gas, pleurisy, and weather balloons. If nothing else we may have come far enough that we are no longer held hostage by that post-war committee of experts (Margaret Meade, David Foster Dulles, Arthur Godfrey et al.) who told Ike to keep his mouth shut because people would loose their spit if it got out that there’s life on other planets.

How much life?

From the New Yorker, 5/10/21:

Among the other speakers was Clifford Stone, a retired Army sergeant, who purported to have visited crash sites and seen aliens, both dead and alive. Stone said that he had catalogued fifty-seven species, many of them humanoid. “You have individuals that look very much like you and myself, that could walk among us and you wouldn’t even notice the difference,” he said.

Fifty-seven varieties of aliens?

That’s gotta give the marketing people at the Heinz Corporation pause for thought.

While the answer was disappointing it was hardly unexpected. As someone who has spent that last year asking our local department of transportation when the hell they were goning to be done tearing up our street I came to learn that all of their many, many answers fell into one of three categories – wishy-washy, noncommittal, and unnecessarily obtuse. You eventually give up asking as you swear you’re dealing with someone who got a masters in government obfuscation.

No, the real pests were the ones who wanted to rain on this parade. City workers I can deal with, but these morons raised blisters on my ass.

From The Daily Beast 5/25/2021:

“There’s no doubt that this mainstream UFO disclosure push is offering a convenient distraction for the Deep State to turn our attention away from important issues like the Scamdemic and the election fraud getting exposed,” Jordan Sather, a UFO and QAnon conspiracy theorist, complained on social media network Telegram on May 19.

Sather, who has griped that interest in UFOs has just become a way for left-wing “social justice warriors” to “virtue signal,” typifies the response. At a moment when longtime UFO promoters are soaking in the mainstreaming of UFO discussion, many conspiracy theorists on the right instead see the sinister hand of a global cabal at play.

Conspiracy theory hub InfoWars often posts articles about UFOs. But more recently, InfoWars has started to see the prospect of extraterrestrial revelations as a deep state plot. In an April video, InfoWars staffer Greg Reese posited that the UFOs were being faked using technology from inventor Nikola Tesla and the Nazis, with the ultimate goal of faking an alien invasion to enslave humanity in “the most dire false flag imaginable.”


How could you not be?

This was our time, the geeks, the dweebs, the people who grew up with glasses, and braces, and far more acne that any one person deserved much less needed. Our long hours of sitting alone in our rooms in our younger years lead many of us to be self-educated UF-ologists. We’re the people you sat next to or in front when Close Encounters first hit theater. We were the ones who snorted, and guffawed and said, in something far louder than a whisper, “Oh not that one again!” Sure, you were annoyed, but what you didn’t realize at the time was that you knew us quite well in teen years.


Because we were The People You Pants’d. (TPYP)

And you owe us this one.


Because TPYP are the very people who shape America’s leaders.

Think about it. There was always that kid in math class with an uncanny natural aptitude for the stuff. While he couldn’t do anything about being desperately near sighted he could do that (x-y) shit in his sleep. Through no fault of his own he’d begin a school day with a perfect score on the algebra pop quiz only to end the day by having his pants pulled down around his ankles just before being pushed into the girls’ locker room.

And who put him there?

America’s future leadership.

America doesn’t have The Playing Fields of Eaton to build its elite. Instead we have those who would rain down terror on band geeks, audio-visual aids, and the cast of the spring musical.

If you don’t believe me look at that Kavanaugh guy or maybe that Carlson Tucker character.

You can’t tell me those two didn’t cut their teeth by giving the first-chair clarinet a swirly.

That said – we all have to cut the Carlson Tucker guy some slack. He too wanted to know what was going on with the UFO report which brings up the point – that while Gruppenführer Sather can fuckin’ go to hell for trying to steal this moment – there are certain aspects of the current conservative POV that apply here, primarily their critique of the media. Much of the buzz around this topic came after the usually staid 60 Minutes devoted an entire segment to modern Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Looking back you’ll see that the report only examined sighting on both coasts thus reducing it to something – once again – that avoids what some call America’s “fly-over country.”

God knows, those of us who grew up in the middle time zones know all about UFOs and their mysterious attraction to cattle. No one in all of this even once mentioned what the locals call, “foolie bidness” with the cows. While 60 Minutes got all hopped up on Don Winslow and his pals they failed to mention the years and years of newspaper reports where some poor farmer or rancher found one or more cows dead with a substantial portion of their intestines and anus removed with surgical precision. That gave some us the idea to set up lawn chairs in some pasture. Then when the saucers came we’d wander over and very politely say, “So …uhh, Mork? Mork is it? Just a little advice – that’s not where the prime rib comes from, k?”

Thanks for stopping by.

Where were we?

The point is – this is (OK was) our moment. We endured your noogies and locker-room rat tails so just let let us have this one. More importantly – let us have this one when it comes back around again. The maybe/maybe not shit isn’t going to resolve anything. Right now everything is still in play as it was after alma mater put their stamp on the Blue Book project. We’re not going bother you while you look for Chinese bamboo fiber on Arizona ballots so just just leave us alone to contemplate the words of a wise man who once said, “Every one of you listening to my voice, tell the world, tell this to everybody wherever they are. Watch the skies. Everywhere. Keep looking. Keep watching the skies.”

“I have always tried to live in an ivory tower, but a tide of shit is beating at its walls, threatening to undermine it.” Gustave Flaubert

A couple of years before he died, Kurt Vonnegut said that when he was well into his 60s he came to the conclusion that he was never going to change, he was who he was, and that’s how he was going to stay until it was time for the grave. He said that he had made peace with understanding who he was and how he would go forward from there.

I came to the same conclusion when I was nine.

For example?

Over the years I learned that you don’t have to change, you just have to wait it out. Others dive head first into personal conflict and expect you to do the same. They jump into the fray in one of two ways. One is to be like Homer Simpson when he said that at the first sight of lightning to grab a piece of sheet metal and run under a tree. The other method is to act much like the Crocodile Hunter guy who used to get all excited and yell things like, “CRICKEY! That one of the world’s deadliest snakes RIGHT OVER THERE – I’m gonna go poke it with a stick!”


Stand under the eves and let the passing shower play itself out.

Sturm und drang is for other people. Several who took me to task came back around over the years for not getting involved in some reality-show worthy conflict later circled around to say they were sorry and they should have thought harder about the people around them and not the events that were unfolding. Invariably in each case I have heard them out and then smiled warmly and said, “Who’d you say you are again?”

Why the sudden reflection?

It’s the 20th anniversary of this page and the 18th of the Typepad beta test.

No, really.

While I have not blogged consistently over all that time I have done it for longer than one month. Anybody who gives up after that short a stretch is not going to get a “Take me to your leader!” when the aliens finally show themselves, he’s gonna get a “Puny human!”

Moving along-

If anything I’ve learned that there’s no reward in maintaining a personal blog other than to blow the cobwebs outta my brain. God knows, there’s no money in it and as I said in an earlier post – my past is nothing you can make a buck off. You need to some pretty interesting tales to tell if you expect a big payback.

Like this:

Deacon was born in France in 1881 to rich American parents, whose stormy relationship culminated in Edward Parker Deacon shooting his wife’s lover dead; Gladys was 11. Her mother, Florence, canceled her lunch the next day but was not noticeably inconvenienced by the scandal. It also seemed to have had very little impact on Gladys. From an early age, she was fiercely original and defiantly independent, not qualities that sat comfortably in the world of the useless rich in which she was forced to make her way.

And I don’t care how much revenue is involved, I’m sure as hell not going to deconstruct Naomi Wolf’s pelvis.

Rest assured that just because AWS raised my monthly fee to publish this nonsense to $4.86/month from $4.10 I will not be coming to you to make up the difference.

With that it’s time to sing along. If you don’t know the words just tap your foot to the sentiment.